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Leadership Development in the Israeli Army – the IDF

Group facilitator: Nir Shani


Nir has been facilitating leadership development sessions in the IDF for many years, working with cadets, officers, commanding courses of the Israeli Army, also involved in Research and Development in the Israeli Army Leadership Development School for many years.

Nir has developed a Leadership Development Program for Gifted Children which is taught in many Gifted Children Centers in Israel.

About The Leadership Programs

The different programs share a similar structure: in every session the participants receive up-to-date knowledge about leadership, they take part in in-door and out-door original activities, they receive feedbacks on leadership strengths and have many opportunities to exercise their leadership skills.

The participants learn issues like  EQ in leadership, habits of leadership, authentic leadership,  leadership in organizations, leading change, leadership in Kaizen sessions, management versus leadership, building a winning team, primal leadership and research results from the IDF research and development team.

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